Sovereignty, Security and Solidarity

Civis Mundi Digitaal #81

door Leo Klinkers

Recently the Lothian Foundation Press (London), owned by Professor Andrea Bosco (Jean Monnet Chair University of Florence), published the book Sovereignty, Security and Solidarity by dr. Leo Klinkers about the usefulness and necessity to establish a federal Europe under the name of the United States of Europe.

Leo Klinkers explains why the European Union is collapsing. Increasing internal conflicts, some of which due to geopolitical tensions, erode solidarity between the member states of the European Union. What was build up after WWII is in danger of being lost. The EU is governed in a way nobody knows who is in charge. Lack of democratic support affects the peace, security, prosperity and happiness of all of us. Europe’s position in the geopolitical arena is becoming increasingly weaker.

With a federal Europe, these problems stop. The member states remain sovereign, cultures continue to exist side by side. Europe is once again playing a part in world politics and a federal constitution guarantees democratic governance. And the UK wouldn’t even have bothered to Brexit.

Check the Trailer ( for more details about the book and testimonials from some professors who understand the importance of replacing the EU’s intergovernmental administrating system by a European federation.