The net effect (of discrediting Trump), bewerkt citaat

Civis Mundi Digitaal #126

door Jan Chris Jansen

                                                       The net effect


                             Many strategies were deployed in order to discredit

                                        Trump. There was the immorality


                             Strategy: thousands of articles were written detailing

                                        His lies and peccadilloes. There was

                             The impeachment strategy: investigations were launched

                                        Into his various scandals and outrages.


                             There was the exposure strategy: scores of books were

                                        Written exposing how shambolic


                             And ineffective the Trump White House really was.

                                        The net effect of these strategies has

                             Been to sell a lot of books and subscriptions and to make

                                        Anti-Trumpists feel good. But this entire


                             Barrage of invective has not discredited Trump among

                                        The people who play a determinant role.



                                         David Brooks  The New York Times  

                                                  Sat-Sun Sept 17-18 2022