Bewerkte citaten over het Joods-Palestijnse conflict uit The New York Times

Civis Mundi Digitaal #141

door Jan Chris Jansen


                                                        You can see hope


                                    If you only look at one or the other group under

                                                A microscope, you want to cry –


                                    The brutal massacre of the Jews, the harsh treatment

                                                Of Palestines by Jewish suprematist

                                    Settlers. The list is endless. But if you look at their

                                                Stories through a kaleidoscope,

                                    Observing the complexity of their interactions,

                                                You can see hope. If you want to


                                    Report accurately about Israelis and Palestinians

                                                Always bring a kaleidoscope.



                                        Thomas Friedman  The New York Times

                                                    Thu November 23, 2023


                                                        Unwinnable war


                                  There is always going to be an advantage that

                                             Unconventional force will have,


                                  Particularly if it is as ruthless as Hamas and if

                                             It doesn’t seem to care about

                                  The damage to the local civilians. Israel is going


                                             To be stuck in this unwinnable

                                  War, causing massive death and destruction.



                                  Ahmed Fouad Alkhatib, Middle East policy analist

                                          The New York Times  Mon, Dec 11, 2023


                                                    An open question


                            In Hamas’ cynical calculation the loftiness of Israels

                                       Aims is a plus. While sticking to its


                            Long-term goal of destroying the Jewish state, Hamas

                                       Can declare victory merely by surviving

                            To fight another day. What exactly Israel can achieve


                                       Remains an open question. But simply

                            Prosecuting the war can, over time, damage Israel’s

                                       Economy and international standing,


                            While encouraging a new generation of Palestinians

                                       To hate Israel – all benefits for Hamas.



                                        Ben Hubbard, Istanbul bureau chief,

                                    The New York Times  Mon, Dec. 11, 2023


                                           Giant sucking chest wound


                           If Israel does not come up with a long-term political

                                       Vision to entice the world to help it 

                           Fund the rebuilding of Gaza, it’s going to be in for a

                                       Lot of diplomatic and economic hurt.


                           Gaza could end up a giant sucking chest wound that

                                       Overstretches Israel militarily,

                           Economically and morally – and takes its U.S. super

                                       Power patron along for the ride.



                                 Thomas L. Friedman, Opinion columnist

                              The New York Times  Thursday, Dec 14, 2023


                                                 Shrinking remnants


                                The West Bank had lingered all these years

                                       In my memory as a fundamentally

                                Palestinian expanse, interrupted and speckled

                                       With settlements. Not anymore.


                                Visiting in late November I had the feeling of

                                       Entering a vast settlement dotted

                                With Arab communities and refugee camps,

                                       Shrinking remnants of an earlier place.



                                      Megan K. Stack, Opinion writer NYT

                                      The New York Times  Fri Dec 15, 2023


                                                 Overwhelming reality


                        The settlers are winning, and not only because they have  

                                  Staunch allies in the government. The slow


                        Trajectories of movement and control suggest an ethnic

                                  Cleansing in slow motion. Settlers have 


                        Bent the landscape to their will and created an overwhelming

                                  Reality that would be very difficult to erase.



                                     Megan L/Stack, Opinion writer NYT

                                    The New York Times Fri 15, Dec 2023


                                                       Let us be clear


                                The US should recognize the state of Palestine

                                           And join the 139 other countries 


                                That have done so. President Biden who has

                                           The power to grant recognition

                                 Should make history. Let us be clear. It would

                                           Not create peace in the Middle

                                 East, but it would enhance prospects for a two-

                                           State solution. Both parties still

                                 Need to negotiate just and equitable solutions 


                                           For borders, security, refugees,

                                 The status of Jerusalem and economic relations.



                              R. David Hayden and Larry Garber, former USAID

                                         directors for the West Bank and Gaza

                                      The New York Times  Mon, Dec 18, 2023


                                                      By-pass roads


                                  Once you would drive down main roads in

                                          The West Bank, straight into


                                  Palestinian cities. Settler by-pass roads built

                                          Since the 1990s – a period of

                                  Nominal peace that nonetheless saw settlements


                                          Expand at an unprecedented clip –

                                  Routed traffic away from the places where

                                          Palestinians lived, restricted or 


                                  Even banned Palestinian cars and helped to

                                          Choke off Palestinian movement.



                                 Diane Butter, former advisor to PLO negotiations

                                        The New York Times  Sat  Dec 19, 2023


                                                Everybody understands


                              I’m proud that I prevented the establishment of a

                                            Palestinian state because today


                              Everybody understands what that Palestinian state

                                            Could have been. Now that 

                              We have seen the little Palestinian state in Gaza,

                                            Everybody understands what

                              Would have happened if we had capitulated to


                                            International pressures and

                              Would have agreed to establish a state like that. 



                              Benjamin Netanyahu, Press confer. Sat, Dec 16, 2023

                                     The New York Times Tuesday, Dec 19, 2023