Bewerkte citaten over Gaza en Palestina

Civis Mundi Digitaal #143

door Jan Chris Jansen

                                              Colors and canvases


                        As artists we are resisting annihilation in a genocidal

                                  War and showing how the machine of

                        Killing and destruction is transforming the landscape


                                  In Gaza. They destroyed our civilisation

                        And our ancient and modern artifacts. People are losing

                                  Their connexion with the outside world.

                        But the art is able to play a role where the artist cannot.


                                  This is the voice of Gaza they are trying

                        To silence. With our colors and our canvases we resist

                                   In order to relay our message to the world.



                        Basel El Maqosin, artist, Ehab Bseissa, Board of directors

                                Palestinian Museum, Shareef Sarkan, Shababek

                                       Art Collective and Gallery in Gaza City


                                      The New York Times Wed.Feb 21, 2024


                                              A Past and a Future


                       Some have argued that Zionism is built on the myth

                               That Palestine was a land without a people


                       For a people without a land. My photography subverts

                               This myth: Palestine is our homeland.

                       Photographing Palestinian life stands against the forces

                               Of erasure. Images like that can help reorient

                       Us towards a just future – a Palestine where we all can

                               Live together in equality and freedom.


                       A home where I can one day sit with my granddaughter.

                               A place where she has a past and a future.  



                        Adam Rouhana, Palestinian American photographer

                                The New York Times Wed. Jan. 21, 2024