Bewerkte citaten over Gaza

Civis Mundi Digitaal #145

door Jan Chris Jansen

                                                   Exhibit A


                     To the Israelis who brought me to Al-Shifa on Sunday ,

                             The carnage is the result of Hamas’ decision


                     To turn a civilian institution into a military stronghold,

                             Leaving Israel with no option but to enter it


                     By force: Exhibit A in what they see as a war of necessity

                             That they themselves did not start.



                     To the Palestinians who returned to Al-Shifa on Monday, 

                             Searching for dead bodies after the Israeli’s


                     Withdrew, it was the embodiment of Israel’s perceived

                             Disregard for civilian life and infrastructure


                     In the pursuit of Hamas: Exhibit A is what they see as

                             A genocide among the Gazan population.



                     Patrick Kingsley  The New York Times  Wed, April 3, 2024        


                                                  In no rush


                            Publicly, Mr. Netanyahu has said he is intent

                                      On invading Rafah. But some


                            Analysts say that he is in no rush to capture

                                      The city, which would signal

                            The end of the war, heightening calls for early

                                      Elections as well as state 


                            Inquiries into the Israeli government’s culpability

                                      In relation to the Oct. 7 attack.



                                Patrick Kingsley  The New York Times 

                                            Monday. April 8, 2024


                                                    Forever war


                             I have read all the articles about how a two-

                                     State solution is now impossible.


                             I think they are 95 precent correct. But I am

                                    Going to focus on the 5 percent

                             Chance that they are wrong, and the chance


                                    That courageous leadership can

                             Make them wrong. Because the alternative

                                     Is a 100 percent certain forever


                             War, with bigger and more precise weapons

                                     That will destroy both societies.



                               Thomas Friedman  The New York Times

                                              Tuesday, April 11, 2024


                                                Mass surveillance


                            Mr. Abu Toha is one of hundreds of Palestinians

                                     Who were picked out by a previously

                            Undisclosed Israeli face recognition program that

                                    Was started in Gaza late last year.


                            The expansive and experimental effort is being


                                    Used to conduct mass surveillance,

                            Collecting and cataloguing the faces of Palestinians

                                    Without their knowledge or consent,

                            According to Israeli military officials and soldiers.



                                                   No explanation


                            Mr. Abu Toha said he was beaten and interrogated 

                                            In an Israeli detention centre

                            For two days before being returned to Gaza with no

                                            Explanation.  He wrote about


                            His experience in The New Yorker where he is a

                                            Contributor. He credited his

                            Release to a campaign led by journalists at the New

                                            Yorker and other publications.



                                                         No idea


                             I had no idea what was happening to me or how

                                      They could suddenly know my full

                             Legal name. I didn’t know Israel was capturing

                                      Or recording my face. But they have


                             Been watching us for years from the sky with their

                                      Drones. Watching us gardening and

                             Going to school and kissing our wives. I feel like

                                      I have been watched for so long.



                                       Mr. Abu Toha, Palestinian poet

                               Sheera Frenkel, Kashmir Hill contributing,

                          The New York Times Sat-Sun, March 30-31, 2024