Honger in Gaza, bewerkte citaten uit de New York Times

Civis Mundi Digitaal #142

door Jan Chris Jansen



                          Famine is normally caused by people, by decisions

                                   Of political elites. Reports from Gaza


                          Suggest a deliberate decision in Israel to restrict food.

                                   It is a political decision or it is a military

                          Decision. But I’m prepared to accept that possibly


                                   There are other factors involved, such as

                          Hamas corruption, Hamas diverting food and so on.



                                         Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann,

                          Canada Research Chair in International Human Rights


                                          Quoted by Stephanie Nolen

                            The New York Times  Sat-Sun, Jan13-14, 2024


                                                     The F-word


                          If a famine happens, somebody is to blame – and if

                                    You can get some international body,


                          Which is seen as scientific and objective, admitting

                                     That there is a famine, then it is very,

                          Very serious for the people who are seen to have caused


                                     The famine. Because the F-word is

                          So contentious, the hope is that declaring a famine

                                     Will lead to significant intervention –


                          And that even a declaration of imminent risk of famine

                                     Will result in immediate action. 



                                 Cormac Ó Gráda, historian of famine

                             and professor at University College Dublin


                                         Quoted by Stephanie Nolen

                            The New York Times Sat-Sun, Jan 13-14, 2024




                            If the violence in Gaza is found to be genocide,

                                    The United States could be charged


                            With complicity in genocide, a crime in its own

                                    Right. Given the sheer power of the

                            United States and its track record of international

                                    Impunity, the odds of any significant

                            Consequences may be small – but, nevertheless,


                                    Americans should understand that

                            In this serious case their government is implicated.



                                   Megan K. Stack  The New York Times  

                                             Sat-Sun, Jan 13-14, 2024


                                              Early groundwork


                        Even a determination that evidence suggests genocide

                                Would oblige the international community


                        To protect the shellshocked, starving people of Gaza

                                By demanding a cease-fire and flooding

                        The Palestinians with aid. In the long run, the case could


                                Lay early groundwork for sanctions

                        Against Israel or the prosecution of its officials.



                                Megan K. Stack  The New York Times  

                                           Sat-Sun, Jan 13-14, 2024


                                                       In retrospect


                          We should approach this question humbly, because

                                       We – Americans, the West – have


                          Repeatedly shown that we are good at recognizing

                                       Genocide only in retrospect.

                          Every cataclysm we now know as genocide, including

                                       The Holocaust, was met with doubt


                          And linguistic quibbling, until finally – and much

                                       Too late – a declaration was made.



                                      Megan K. Stack  The New York Times  

                                                Sat-Sun, Jan 13-14, 2024


                                                It is happening now


                           The destruction of bakeries, water pipes, sewerage

                                             And electricity networks.


                           The hoisting of Israeli flags over the wreckage.

                                             Calls from the Israeli’s

                           Government to return settlers to Gaza. I don’t have

                                             To wonder how it could


                           Have been allowed to happen. It’s happening now

                                             And we’ve all been watching.



                                       Megan K. Stack  The New York Times 

                                                Sat-Sun, Jan 13-14, 2024