Global standing; Stampede; Roller coaster; Siege of Gaze, The idea of Israel Fundamental truth, bewerkte citaten uit de New York Times

Civis Mundi Digitaal #144

door Jan Chris Jansen

                                                  Global standing


                            I am seeing the increasingly rapid erosion of

                                             Israel’s standing among


                            Friendly nations – a level of acceptance and

                                             Legitimacy that was

                            Painstakingly built over decades. And if Biden

                                             Is not careful, America’s


                            Global standing will plummit right along with

                                             The standing of Israel. 



                              Thomas L. Friedman  The New York Times 

                                                  February 29, 2024




                             The circumstances of what happened remained

                                        Unclear. Gaza officials said that

                             Israeli tanks had opened fire with machine guns

                                        At a crowd of thousands who


                             Were waiting for food. An Israeli official agreed

                                        That troops had opened fire but

                             Said most of the people had been killed in a stampede

                                        Several hundreds of yards away.



                             Mark Landler, London bureau chief  The Times,

                             The New York Times  Sat-Sun, March 2-3, 2024


                                                   Roller coaster


                             Palestinians in Gaza, whose lives may depend

                                        On a cease-fire, have followed


                             News of indirect talks between Israel and Hamas

                                        With rapt attention. But a stream

                             Of conflicting reports has sent them on an exhausting

                                        Emotional roller coaster as they


                             Huddle in crowded apartments, tent cities and shelters.

                                        The tension is especially acute

                             In Rafah which is densely packed with more than

                                        One million displaced people.


                             Israel has repeatedly threatened to invade the city

                                        As it tries to root out Hamas.



                                    Adam Rasgon and Abu Bakr Bashir

                              The New York Times  Friday, March 8, 2024


                                                    Siege of Gaza


                         Aid groups have warned that deaths from malnutrition-

                                   Related causes have only just begun for

                         Gaza’s more that two million people. Five months into


                                   Israel’s campaign against Hamas and its

                         Siege of Gaza, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians

                                   Are close to starvation, UN officials say.

                         Almost no aid has reached northern Gaza for weeks,

                                   After major UN agencies suspended


                         Their operations, citing mass looting of their cargoes

                                   By desperate Gazans, Israeli restrictions

                         On convoys and the poor condition of damaged roads.



                                 Bilal Shbair, Vivian Yee, Aaron Boxerman

                                 The New York Times Mon, March 11, 2024


                                                  Idea of Israel


                         I am a secular Jew with no particular attachment to

                                    Israel, spiritual or otherwise, though

                         I also recognize that my ability to hold myself aloof


                                     From the country is enabled by the

                         Great privilege of an American passport. I think that

                                    The idea of Israel as a colonial entity

                         That will eventually be dismantled is a malign fantasy

                                 – Most Jewish Israeli’s don’t have


                         Anywhere else to go – but I also recognize that

                                   The country’s creation cannot be

                         Disentangled from the dispossession of the Palestinians.



                              Michelle Goldberg  The New York Times

                                            Friday, March 15, 2024


                                               Fundamental truth


                        Israeli’s and Palestinians are interdependent. Lost there

                                  Felt here. The only question is whether


                        They can one day forge a healthy interdependency or will be

                                  Doomed to an unhealthy interdependency.

                        But interdependent they will be. Each community needs


                                  A leader whose actions are motivated by

                        That fundamental truth. Right now, neither has one. 



                                 Thomas L. Friedman The New York Times

                                           Sat-Sun, March 16-17, 2024